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  With so many brands in the marketplace, we understand how difficult choosing a line of dietary supplements can be. At NOW Foods, we’re driven by offering science-based products, designed with your health in mind. Our Elements of Quality truly define the standards that we live by to do just that.

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Click on each element below to learn more about the measures we take to make NOW a brand you can trust every time.

TP (True Label Program) - If you're reading it on our label, you can be assured that you'll find it inside our bottle. PS (Demanding Product Specs) - Can your current supplier provide you the history of every bottle they produced? We can. Learn how here. LA (Scientific Lab Analysis) - Our products are subject to some of the most thorough tests conducted anywhere in the industry. IT (Independent Testing) - In addition to in-house testing, we frequently subject our products to 3rd party testing and inspection. MT (Micro Testing) - Micro testing in our state of the art micro lab ensures that NOW products are among the safest available GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) - Our longstanding NNFA "A"rating is a clear reflection of our commitment to providing exceptional quality. RM (Raw Materials) - Superior products begin with superior raw materials. Click here to learn more! ST (Safety and Tamper Evident) - When it comes to the your safety and peace of mind, we leave nothing to chance. PK (State fo the Art Packaging) - We wouldn't dream of packaging the finest supplements in the world in anything less than the very best.
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