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NOW Private Label FAQs

What is the minimum purchase per SKU?
For stock catalog items the minimum is 24 bottles per SKU. For non-catalog items the minimum can be 60 bottles and higher, depending upon the SKU. NOW Foods has a $ minimum per order of $95, and $195 for free domestic Ground Freight.

Why is the minimum at this level?
We established this minimum in order to offer a competitive wholesale price per bottle. If our minimum were lower this would increase our cost per unit dramatically, and the wholesale price would also need to be higher.

Is there a price difference between the NOW label wholesale and the Private Label wholesale?
Typically there is a $0.75 increase in the wholesale price above the standard NOW label wholesale. So, for example, if a NOW SKU has a $10.00 wholesale the same bottle in Private Label is $10.75. This extra fee goes directly to pay for the labor for printing and/or labeling of your bottles. This fee can be reduced by taking advantage of some of the discounts we offer.

What type of discounts are available?
We offer an Introductory discount on your first order if it’s $2000 or higher. However, regardless of your opening order level, you may also qualify for discounts based on monthly volume purchases. If you buy a large quantity of a single SKU you will also qualify for a percentage discount off the regular wholesale. And every month we issue a Sales Flyer with discounts of 20-33% on select SKUs. Check with your inside sales representative for more details about the particular discount level you qualify for.

What's the turnaround time for my orders and re-orders?
For stock catalog SKU's the normal turnaround time is 5-7 business days until we ship, once your label is approved and ready. The lead time will be longer for: larger quantity orders, non-catalog stock formulas that require bottling, and custom sizes.

How are your labels printed?
We print using two different machines, depending on the volume or the type of design. One is a color printer that prints paper labels that are applied through a gluing machine and the other produces adhesive backed pressure sensitive labels. Depending upon the size of the order we may also them printed outside at the same printing company that produces the NOW Foods labels, at our discretion.

Can I design my own label?
Absolutely! We do have specific graphic requirements that we can forward upon request. As per current GMP requirements we do need to review and approve all labels prior to printing. If you would like us to use one of our stock label designs we can import your logo onto it. There is a one-time nominal set-up fee for this.

Can I supply you with my labels on a roll?
Absolutely! We do require that the labels are printed in a format that will be able to run on our labeling equipment. We can provide these specifications upon request. If there are any formula changes that necessitate a label change the customer is responsible for replacing the label.

Does "NOW Foods" appear anywhere on my label or packaging?
No, we do not and will not use the name or logo of NOW Foods on any private label.

Do you offer any nutritional support or marketing?
We don’t offer marketing for your product line, as most retailers prefer to do their own. Our Product Info group can assist you with questions regarding nutrition or ingredients (for stock formulas). All of the nutritional text and marketing material that NOW Foods supplies for our own label is copyrighted, however the references we identify can be used by you towards your own marketing efforts.

Can I change the name of your formula on my label?
In most cases you can change the name of your formula. I.e. “Adam” multivitamin can switch to “Men’s Multi” or similar. The only exceptions are when there are vendor trademarks and we’re legally obligated to keep the current name. There are a few SKUs where the customer must change the formula name to something other than the current NOW label name, also for legal reasons.

Can I make nutritional claims on the label that are different than on your label?
Yes, however we will review these claims and may or may not be able to use them. Our QA dept researches every NOW label claim and verifies that we’re legally compliant. If you change these your label may potentially be non-compliant. We recommend keeping the label text as-is. Any claims on your label that are different than the NOW version will need to be submitted to the FDA as per their requirements, and the customer is responsible for this.

Can I remove text or claims from my label design?
Absolutely! If you do not want to use the claims or bullet points that are normally found on a NOW label we can remove these upon request. This may also help to differentiate your label from the NOW version However, any claims we use can potentially help in selling the product to consumers.

Can I change the Supplement Facts panel on my label?
We don’t recommend changing this in any way. Our panels are set up to be accurate, truthful, and they follow FDA guidelines for dietary supplements. Making an adjustment to these may mean that your label is no longer compliant.

Why does my label require disclaimers/FDA statement(s)?
Our stock labels may require a standard FDA statement on the label (“This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA…”). Our QA dept determines whether it is needed or not, and the FDA guidelines for dietary supplements determine it’s location on the label. If you opt to remove any label claims or bullet points on the label you may be able to have the FDA statement removed as well.

Do I need insurance?
NOW Foods has product liability insurance on the products we manufacture. If you’re a retailer or other type of business owner it may be prudent for you to have your own insurance, regardless of the product lines you carry. NOW Foods cannot offer legal advice of any kind, however.

Why do I need an address or phone # on my label?
This is an FDA requirement. It’s also to your benefit should a consumer need to contact you about a question, or if they have a health concern, or simply if they want to buy more from you! It’s smart marketing and looks professional.

Can I get different color bottles or lids?
For the most part our private label supplements are packaged in white bottles with white lids, as this works well with 99.9% of the label designs that exist. We have a few other options available for requesting bottles or lids however, the minimum order per SKU is much higher and will carry an additional manufacturing fee.

Can I supply my own packaging?
This is a possibility, although the production runs per SKU may increase dramatically. We would also need to test the packaging on our machines, verify the size/fill, and do a “ship test” to see if the packaging holds up well during transit. It can be a lengthy process.

Can you package your vitamins in pouches or tear-off packages?
We do not do this in-house, but we can direct you to suppliers who can do this for you. NOW Foods has no affiliation with these suppliers and cannot vouch for their pricing or abilities or customer service. We can potentially sell bulk pills to you and you can contract a packaging company of your choice.

Do you do any contract manufacturing?
Not at this time, but we can offer a large inventory of softgels, capsules, tablets, liquids, powders and personal care SKU's that are made in-house. Please contact your inside sales rep for details.

Can I change an ingredient on one of your stock formulas?
If you make any kind of ingredient or change to a stock formula it becomes a custom formula and will have a much higher minimum order and lead time.

Can I supply you with specific raw materials for my custom formula(s)?
No. We source all the raw materials ourselves. We may be able to bring in a raw material upon request, but it would need to come from one of our current GMP-compliant vendors.

Can I put a GMP logo on my labels?
Absolutely! When you purchase a NOW Foods private label product it is made in our GMP facility. However, you cannot use either the Natural Products Association or NOW Foods GMP logos. We have stock logos to choose from or you can design your own.

Can I get a UPC code on my labels?
Absolutely! It isn’t a requirement that a label has a UPC code, but it can make it look more professional. You can supply us with a UPC code if you’ve already purchased them, or we can use the UPC codes we have available for our Private Labels. These are different that the same NOW SKU by 2 digits. There is no charge to add a UPC code to your label(s).

Why does NOW Foods ask for a resale cert or Sales & Use tax cert?
NOW Foods sells products for Resale only and doesn’t charge sales tax since we do not sell to the end user / consumer. Therefore, we are required by your state to have a current, properly completed Resale Certificate containing your sales & use tax license number on file for your company.

Can I do custom count sizes that may be different than your regular stock counts?
We can do custom counts in most instances, although the minimums and lead times are normally longer than our stock counts.

California Residents Proposition 65 Warning FAQs

What is this warning?
Sometimes you will see a product for sale that has a label or a sticker with a warning along the lines of the following: California Proposition 65 WARNING: Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including [chemical name] which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Prop 65 warnings are seen throughout California in a wide range of settings -- in restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, schools, hospitals, and on a wide variety of consumer products. In addition, some internet and mail order retailers have chosen to provide Prop 65 warnings on their websites or in catalogs for all consumers. These warnings are provided pursuant to a California labeling law called Proposition 65 (or Prop 65 for short), which is meant to notify individuals in California of potential exposures to Prop 65-listed chemicals. Prop 65 is a right-to-know law; it does not ban the sale of any products that contain these chemicals.

What kinds of substances are listed under Prop 65?
Over 900 chemicals have been listed under California Prop 65 as carcinogens or reproductive toxicants, or both. Examples of such chemicals include cadmium, mercury, and lead. Certain listed chemicals like lead are widely distributed throughout the environment in air, soil, water, and rocks. As a result, these types of chemicals are often naturally found in commonly eaten foods, even though these chemicals are not intentionally added.

How does NOW handle California Prop 65?
All foods naturally contain some amount of heavy metals from the earth. NOW’s extremely sensitive analytical instruments can detect parts-per-billion (nanograms per gram) levels, so we can’t claim any product to be 100 percent free of all heavy metals. All of our ingredients and blends are screened for heavy metals to ensure that they meet our strict specifications for safety and quality.

I’m confused, now what?
If you want more information, visit or speak with your private label sales representative to explain the warning. But please remember that just because another brand does not have the warning, does not necessarily mean that the other brand is free of the substance or has lower levels.

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